Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to join the Junior League of Eastern Fairfield County (JLEFC) as a Provisional member, a woman must be at least 21 years old by the closing date for application and a resident of Fairfield County.

No member sponsorship is required to join the JLEFC — just an interest in voluntarism, commitment to community service and an interest in developing her potential for voluntary community participation. Any woman who meets these criteria is warmly welcomed.

The JLEFC welcomes individuals to transfer their membership from their former League to the JLEFC. Click here to learn more about transferring your membership to the JLEFC.

Provisional Requirements?

1. Attend provisional training sessions.

2. Complete designated shifts at major League fundraiser

3. The Provisional Class will choose placement of an in-League committee for the following League year.

5. Fulfill financial obligation of $185.00.

Active Member Requirements

1. All Active and AAS Members are required to fulfill the financial obligation of $185.00 (annual membership dues).

2. Complete Membership Renewal Form

3. Attend three (3) General Membership Meetings (GMM’s)

4. Attend one (1) Speak Out and one (1) Nominating and Placement interview

5. Volunteer at three (3) service related activities

8. Participate in the Annual Appeal

9. Actively participate in and communicate with your assigned committee

Other Membership Requirements

The JLEFC requires that each member serve a minimum of eight years as an Active member before she may become a Sustaining member.